Diamond Foxxx Stars in New Digital Playground DVD

‘Horny Hotties 3’ Shows Why a Husband Should Never Get too Busy for His Sexy Wife

VENICE, CA – Diamond Foxxx stars in Digital Playground’s new Horny Hotties 3 and she has an outstanding affair with a poolboy.

She didn’t plan it that way. She told her husband she wanted to celebrate their anniversary with a week at a resort, so he complied – but he sent her alone! He told her he was too busy with work. A man doesn’t get too busy with work when he has a ring on the finger of a beauty like Diamond and not expect her to get – and need – some attention.

By her third day, she was bored and horny. That’s when the hotel employee knocked on her door and, well, she was naked when he answered. She didn’t so much invite him in as pull him in by the collar, and you know there’s no saying no to that! She picked the right attendant as he took care of all her needs. Then as soon as they finished, she received a text. From her husband. “What room are you in?” Looks like Diamond’s gonna get a double!

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