Diamond Foxxx Has Dynamic, Revealing Appearance on Drinking Dirty in Jersey Podcast

The Full Story on How She Got Kicked Out of the Military for Fucking

VENICE, CA – The researchers for the Drinking Dirty in Jersey really did their work on Diamond Foxxx for the interview they recorded a few days ago.

They had to ask about when she lost her virginity (14), but they knew she was kicked out of the military for having sex.

“The guy was actually my pay grade, we didn’t work together but we were on the same ship together,” she explained. “Everything was legit, we were off-duty, off the ship, everything was normal, but you can’t have sex in the military if you’re single and if you’re married you can only do it missionary style and anything else is considered sodomy.

“When they questioned me about where I was the night before, they were questioning like something horrible had happened and maybe I was part of it, so I was just very honest. I had nothing to hide, I didn’t feel like I’d done anything wrong, Had I known I wasn’t supposed to be doing that shit I would have lied.”

So Diamond, the self-proclaimed “ship slut,” and the guy both got tossed out of the military.

She talks about shooting with mostly younger guys, which she enjoys because they have stamina and can keep up with her. And while she prefers working with guys, she’s certainly enjoyed her girl/girl scenes. They discuss her husband’s feelings about her doing porn – he digs it – so that’s obviously made her career easier.

They cover Diamond’s new podcast MILF & Cookies that she does with her husband and one of their friends.  She explains the 45-minute (roughly) length is so people can listen to the entire episode on their way to work. She talks about answering listener letters, different sex topics they try to cover and that she’s considering getting guests for upcoming episodes.

Check out the interview at https://www.facebook.com/DrinkingDirtyInJersey/videos/709963262779695/ and check out the Drinking Dirty in Jersey podcast official site at www.drinkingdirtyinjersey.com.

Listen to Diamond’s new MILF & Cookies podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Music and other outlets as well as the on the official website, www.milfandcookiespodcast.com. MILF & Cookies is available on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/milf-cookies/id1462317946.

Companies that would like to inquire regarding sponsorship opportunities with MILF & Cookies can email milfandcookiespodcast@gmail.com.

The website is available at both www.milfandcookiespodcast.com and www.patreon.com/milfandcookiespodcast.

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