Timeless Beauty Jennifer White Guests on ‘Unlicensed Therapy w/ Ari Mannis’ Podcast

The Increasingly-Beautiful Superstar Goes for Connections Over Physical Beauty

VENICE, CA – Late last year Jennifer White and her husband went to the Comedy Store for their anniversary and almost stole the show from a lineup that included Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Chris D’Elia and others.

Her first-ever trip to the club brought her face-to-face with another comedian, Ari Mannis, who invited her to be a guest on his Unlicensed Therapy podcast. She went to his studio to record in late February and the episode is now available at all the typical podcast outlets.

An admitted fan of adult content, Ari suggested he has been a fan of Jen’s through virtually all of her 10-year career. Considering that long visual history, he told Jennifer that he thinks she looks even better today than she did when she first started performing. His guest agreed.

“You could say you got a makeover,” Mannis told her. “You got in better shape, you do your makeup differently…was that a thing you did for yourself, was that something directors wanted you to do?”

“That’s something I did for myself,” she said. ‘I’d be lying if I said there weren’t agents and stuff who said, ‘You need to look this way or that way,’ but, No, fuck you guys, I’m gonna do my own thing.’ And it’s worked out for me.”

It’s worked out well for all of us and it’s kept Jennifer as one a top-tier performer for her entire career. Mannis asked about the boundaries of a relationship when one person is doing porn, sketchy agents and going-broke producers, hearing from guys she knew pre-porn and what it’s like doing porn when the guy is, say, less than attractive.

“I’m more about a connection with somebody over the way they look physically, honestly,” she said. “I’ll just find something I like in their personality and that’ll be fine. And some of the ugly ones are a good fuck, so I don’t discriminate.”

Jen said she hopes to perform for another 3-5 years but doesn’t intend to leave the industry, so in the meantime is moving into directing and producing.

Jennifer has a new Brazzers scene with Xander Corvus titled “Hustle and Blow.” Also look for her in Dredd: Black Cock Assassin (LéWood) and The Cosplay Experience (JayRock Productions).

Check out Unlicensed Therapy podcast at reputable podcast distributors throughout the world. For more on Ari Mannis go to http://arimannis.com.

Dredd: Black Cock Assassin: https://www.adultdvdempire.com/2635832/dredd-black-cock-assassin-porn-movies.html?partner_ID=46386249
“Hustle and Blow”: https://www.brazzers.com/scenes/view/id/3314346/hustle-and-blow/
The Cosplay Experience
: https://www.adultdvdempire.com/2644720/cosplay-experience-the-porn-movies.html?partner_ID=46386249

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