Fleshbot Reveals What Diamond Foxxx Loved About ‘Filthy Moms 4’

ADT: Diamond the Clear Highlight of ‘My Friend’s Hot Mom 65’

VENICE, CA – Diamond Foxxx loved Filthy Moms 4 from Brazzers so much that she just had to explain herself to Fleshbot.

Writing with the title “Five Reasons Why I Loved Starring in ‘Filthy Moms 4,’” she gives a breakdown of her scene with Tyler Nixon, the only time the pair have hooked up (so far). And she loved it.

Pointing out that it was an extremely hot day outside, she compares Nixon to the heat wave, saying, “It was about 115 degrees out and he looked as hot as it felt outside. It was such a pleasure to have this amazing scene together.”

She goes on to talk about their shared chemistry, how wonderful it always is to shoot for Brazzers, the hot sex and the juicy cumshot he landed on her impressive rack.

“My favorite place to take the load is on my big juicy tits,” she writes. “Tyler was so excited to give me just what I wanted, cream-filled tits.”

In a new review of My Friend’s Hot Mom 65 (Naughty America) from Captain Jack at AdultDVDTalk, he admits that he was unsatisfied with the title – except, that is, for Diamond’s scene. Pointing out that she is “looking sexy as fuck in a lowcut dress,” he laments that “after Diamond’s scene, this went downhill fast.” But that scene with Diamond and Jessy Jones? Not to be missed!

Look for Diamond in Reality Kings’ new DVD, Moms Lick Teens 17, with Elena Gilbert and “Anal Bliss” from PureMature.com.

Read “Five Reasons Why I Loved Starring in ‘Filthy Moms 4’” at http://straight.fleshbot.com/8480820/five-reasons-why-i-loved-starring-in-filthy-moms-by-diamond-foxxx.

Read Captain Jack’s review of My Friend’s Hot Mom 65 at https://www.adultdvdtalk.com/review/my-friends-hot-mom-65.

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Filthy Moms 4
: https://www.adultdvdempire.com/2631289/filthy-moms-4-porn-movies.html?partner_ID=46386249
“Anal Bliss”: https://puremature.com/video/anal-bliss
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My Friend’s Hot Mom Vol. 65
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