Scorching Hot New Kissa Sins Interview

Rising Starlet Tells ADT All About Getting Pussy & More!

VENICE, CA – As Kissa Sins gears up for the biggest debut in at least a couple years, she sat down with Captain Jack to give some background on where she came from and just who is this super-hottie new on the scene.

A serial relationship type, she met current boyfriend Johnny Sins after seeking him out for a classic, feel-bad-in-the-morning one-night stand.

“I followed him [on Instagram] and it was a total joke,” she remembers. “I sent him a message, ‘Hey, I want to fuck you!’ He never responds to anyone so I thought he’d never respond to me but he did. I thought it was perfect, he’s a pornstar, he’ll never get attached to me. He’s not clingy, he just wants to fuck and leave. So I was all excited that I was going to fuck someone and make bad decisions. And the minute we met each other, we were inseparable. He made me stay over, he cooked me breakfast. We immediately moved in together, we’ve been inseparable.”

Eventually they started filming their fucking and now she’s getting ready to shoot for her first major company, Brazzers. She has scenes coming up with Riley Reid, Aidra Fox and Johnny Sins.

Meanwhile, her family has stopped talking to her, she can cum from getting her pecs rubbed and is crazily multi-orgasmic.

“Mostly, I love intensity,” she says. “No matter what you’re doing, if you do it with everything you have, that’s why I like having sex with Johnny because he’s so intense. I also love little things like my ears being bit, or being bit on the back really, really hard. Or even pinched on the back, that makes me cum easily. Or anything on my neck. I just like being touched in general. You can slap me or choke me, anything.”

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