Celebrating 10 Years of BrandiLove.com

Combining Sexy and Innovation Create on of the Industry’s Most Popular Sites

VENICE, CA – This month marks the 10-year anniversary for one of the most popular and established sites on the internet, www.BrandiLove.com.

Brandi Love became one of the early stars of the internet and built a huge fan base and until three years ago she had rarely worked on productions in the mainstream adult industry while still establishing herself as one of the biggest names in the industry.

Her website is consistently rated as one of the most innovative adult sites on the web and in the past year has received nominations for RISE Award for Innovation and XBIZ Web Star of the Year and Performer Site of the Year – in addition to the may performing noms she’s received in that time. BrandiLove.com is a true solo model site that is self-run and not part of a larger program.

Brandi has spent considerable time and resources creating an experience that is truly social. In addition to the innovation found within Brandilove.com, Brandi allows members into her personal life through the site. While most performer sites simply re-distribute the scenes they were paid to shoot for other companies Brandi actually shoots 100% unique and amateur content for her site.

“I’ll be honest, I’m not the techie, but I have long been committed to making my site interactive,” Brandi said. “I remember back in 2007-ish my husband was asked to speak at the Internext show in Miami about the role of social media in adult and people looked at him like he was crazy. I believe our decision to embrace the social aspects of adult entertainment is one of the reasons we are still profitable online while so many sites and programs have closed. If you take a look at the recent news out of Kink.com you can see where forward-thinking programs are heading, and we have been there – albeit on a much smaller scale – for years.”

Heading into 2015 Brandi will be adding additional, exclusive content to every area of her site and members will enjoy consistent updates, multiple times a week along with a new video theater that will update multiple times a day.

“One of the great things about the social aspects of my site has to do with reporting and feedback,” she says. “I know exactly what my member base is looking for and although I may not personally shoot that content, I can and will certainly be able to provide them with it.”

Brandi’s official website is www.BrandiLove.com, and her mainstream information is at http://brandilove.tv. For feature dancing she is with A-List Features at www.alistfeatures.com. Follow her on Twitter @brandi_love. For everything Brandi go to www.risingstarpr.com.