Did Ryder Skye Reveal Too Much in Yoshi Interview?

Join the Fun: Make a List of All the Things You Learn About Her in Two Hours

VENICE, CA – Ryder Skye is generally a very open person—it’s part of her charm, what makes her so unique and fascinating—but even she sometimes wonders if she’s gone too far.

After a long and winding two-hour interview for the Yoshi Didn’t Podcast, the adult superstar was wondering if maybe she’d said too much.

“I know that in general it’s a good thing to be open during an interview, but I think maybe I went too far this time,” Ryder said. “There are a lot of things that I really never talk about, especially publicly.”

She goes into some of the more typical stuff, too, but in her typically atypical way.

“It was such a rush being on stage like that,” she says of her first time dancing. “I liked the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing when I got on stage and it was horrifying, it was a rush, it was fun, I liked the fact that I was scared shitless, it was kind of an adventure.”

That is explained by her admission that she is a bit of an adrenaline junkie. The girl loves a thrill.

Did you know she doesn’t like people to look at her? That she got into porn on a dare from her then-husband? That her dad was in the porn business? Did you know she went to high school with others who also got into the porn business? Who were the over-hung male performer and his under-hung counterpart who followed and overcompensated for his small endowment with a rough scene, the combination putting her in the hospital? Do you know what her theory is about the taste of cum from a man who is dehydrated? There are so many things you don’t know about Ryder Skye and want to know—and maybe a couple she doesn’t really want you to know.

If you think Ryder reveals a lot, check out the Last Call show on CyberStationUSA where she’s on the other side of the microphone. You’ll be amazed what she can squeeze out of other people.

Check out the Yoshi Didn’t Podcast at http://yoshididnt.com.

The Last Call show airs Fridays at 11 pm EST/8 pm PST. The shows are also archived for convenient listening 24 hours a day. For more information go to www.dqrm.com/lastcall/.

Check out Ryder’s anal debut, “Dare for a Big Dick,” at www.brazzers.com/scenes/view/id/8298/dare-for-a-big-dick/.

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For everything Ryder go to http://risingstarpr.com/news/?page_id=5860. Her official website is http://ryderskye.com.. For up-to-the-second updates, follow her on Twitter (@ryderskyexxx).

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