6 Hours of Bella French on Live Cam This Wednesday

Sunday Event in Quebec; First Butt Plug Vid on BellaFrench.com This Week

VENICE, CA – Bella French is currently the most-viewed and -downloaded girl on manyvids.com and there are a lot of reasons for that, the most important being that she is mesmerizingly sexy.

Anyone with a computer can be a part of the Bella experience this week when she puts on a wild, six-hour cam show this Wednesday. The live show will be 5 pm to 11 pm ET (that’s 2 pm to 8 pm Porn Star Time, for you West Coasters). Go to http://profiles.myfreecams.com/BellaFrench. Get on the bandwagon now before the wheels fly off.

The following day, www.manyvids.com will be adding a new Premium Member and debuting many new changes to the website. The site was launched only seven months ago and is becoming bigger and bigger very fast with 15,000 members and over 75,000 unique visitors every month. And Bella is tops on the site.

“I am very happy to promote the site and invite all the independent cam models and porn stars out there to join,” the sexy Canadian says. “This site is all about offering a great platform for us girls to make sales and promote ourselves. Having many different channels to reach fans is definitely the best way to go.”

She says the site has been very effective in helping her increase the memberships on her official site.

This Sunday she will be co-hosting a boxing event in Laval, Quebec, Canada at 5 pm. On hand will also be Jean Pascal (@JeanPascalChamp), former WBC, IBO and The Ring Champion, and amazing drummer Ryan Stevenson (@RJWS_).

She is also excited to announce that she will have a new boy/girl scene posting on her site June 19.

Bella’s official website is www.bellafrench.com. Follow her on Twitter @bellafrench69. For everything Bella go to www.risingstarpr.com.