Ryder Skye Steps Into Out of the Box Podcast

Future Sex Therapist Has Plenty of Solid Advice

VENICE, CA – With Ryder Skye’s comeback in full swing, everyone wants to catch up and find out what makes her tick. Turns out a lot of things—she’s a beautiful and complex woman!

Naturally there was a lot of sex talk and even after years of revealing herself in every which way for the screen, even hardcore fans are going to discover that there are quite a few things they don’t know about Ryder.

“We discussed the general topic of sex, porn sex and how it is different than regular sex,” Ryder said. “Then we got into my goal of being a sex therapist one day when I actually graduate. We talked about fetishes and how to talk to your significant other about a particular fetish you may have, and on that same subject what to do if your partner is unable to fulfill your fetish needs. It was a great discussion overall.”

If it has to do with sex, Ryder can help. Recently she also helped bring a music video to life when she was the sexy star of A. Gully’s new music video “Or Nah.” The story leads Ryder through scenarios that have her pole dancing, bathing, crawling and more.

The safe-for-work version of “Or Nah” can be seen on YouTube at http://youtu.be/-uKzrBPKTyk. For the uncensored video go to A. Gully’s site at http://gullysworld.tv/external-videos/a-gully-or-nah-feat-ryder-skye-and-dj-rick-flare/.

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For bookings contact her directly at bookings@wanna-ryder.com. Producers interested in shooting her first (or second, third, etc.) anal scene should get in touch as soon as possible.

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