10-Hour Cam Shows?! That’s a Load of Holly Hanna

This Is Your Opportunity to Spend the Night With Her – With Sexy Results

VENICE, CA – Holly Hanna has been staying up late recently and she’s not watching crappy movies on cable: she’s putting on quite a show during what she calls “a camming frenzy.”

More often than not she’s been doing shows from 10 pm to 8 am PST—that’s 10 hours for those of you who skipped math class from second grade on—and she’s not just sitting around threatening to take off a pair of clothing: She’s gone hardcore.

“I’ve been a night owl lately, and have been on a cam frenzy, have been working my booty off!” she says. “As far as cam shows, I’m pretty much been doing then all night like 10 pm-8 am. I’ve been doing lots of stuff, a lot of double penetration and large anal—has been getting pretty hardcore!”

One night she did six straight hours of deep throat, she squirted milk up her ass and squirted it back out while fucking her ass with toys, then she fucked the Hitachi and squirted all over to complete the six-hour marathon. It’s never a dull moment with Holly and her amazing camming!

If you missed it, you can still catch the Uncle Eddie audio version by downloading the show at http://podcasts.brainstumedia.com/2013/04/02/ham-radio-april-2nd-2013.aspx?ref=rss.

Fans can also check her website, http://hollyhanna.com/, for new material and her very frequent live shows. They can also see her active schedule at My Free Cams by visiting http://profiles.myfreecams.com/Hollyhanna.

Stay tuned to her Twitter (@HollyHanna91) for all her updates for cam shows and everything else. Go to the official Holly Hanna website at www.hollyhanna.com. Smoke up with Holly Hanna OG visit http://klhla.org.

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