Brandy Aniston: Breaking Bad Trailer Goes Public

Fans Say They Don’t Want to Live in a World Without New Brandy Movie

VENICE, CA – Earlier this year on Breaking Bad, Walt famously asked, “Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca-Cola?” But right now it’s not soft drinks that are on the minds of Brandy Aniston’s fans, it’s her hard body (which is soft in all the right parts), is when can I watch the new Breaking Bad parody.

Patience, people, patience.

The movie, which stars Brandy in the role as Jesse, is nearly ready for mass consumption, has just released the trailer, which can be see at It’s a blockbuster and Brandy looks like she’s going for one of those acting awards for the next season.

The movie was directed by David Lord, written by Rodney Moore and is being released by Sweet Mess Films. Visit for more information.

Brandy had an amazing weekend in Orlando weathing the beginnings Frankenstorm as she managed to host parties and events for ZZinsider and Brazzers. Still, she is happy to be back safe in LA where natural disasters are seen on tv rather than experienced first-hand.

Brandy is represented by Lee Network and A-List Features and by Derek at LA Direct Models.

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