Kris & Berman Show Welcomes Alia Janine Tonight

Also: Smoking Nutmeg, ‘Guess the Race’ and Prank Calls

VENICE, CA – Alia Janine has been practically on tour talking about Measure B, that crazy thing on the ballot in California that is finally giving voters their say on whether or not condoms should be worn in scenes produced in the state. Wednesday night she goes on the Kris & Berman Show and don’t think that they’re going to let her get away with simply using their show as some sort of propaganda machine.

They have other ideas. For one, they’re going to rile her up about the syphilis outbreak, which should be pretty easy to do since these guys rile guests up for a living.

The show, which features Kris Hasbun (the ladies man) and Alan Berman (the “painfully honest vulgar, abrasive and angry,” oh and “hilarious” one, is in the second week back on the air after some trouble, which will probably come up again this week.

“We’re also going to test smoking nutmeg, apparently kids have been doing it to try to get high so I’ll test it out,” Berman said. “Were also going to get into the news (Ahmadinejad on Piers Morgan Tonight, iPhone 5, and whatever is in the paper tomorrow. Also, well be playing Guess What Race and some new prank calls.”

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The show is on from 6-8 pm ET, or 3-5 PT.

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