Christie Stevens Featured on Two White Guys Podcast

Preparing for Big Feature Dancing Debut in Oxnard Next Week

VENICE, CA – Christie Stevens brings life to the Two White Guys podcast this week, sitting between hosts Jason Horton and Josh Mattingly, who obviously had a hard time keeping their eyes off the bombshell.

Christie goes into some of her background, including graduating from college and the big decision to begin her career as a porn star. In an industry that can quickly pigeonhole a girl as a certain type or tie her to a certain genre, she explains that she is still finding her place in the industry.

She also discusses what companies she would like to work for and, despite still being a newbie, how she knows she wants the adult business as her career. She lays out a list of ambitions she has set out for herself, including awards both for performing and acting. Then she gets the guys fumbling for a moment after she tells them that she’s single.

She also talks about how she had been a stripper while she was in college, experience which will come in handy when she makes her feature dancing debut next Thursday at the Spearmint Rhino in Oxnard, Calif. For more information on the gig visit

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