The Purrfect Time to Catch Up With Gen Padova

WHACK! Column Debuting Soon; Website Offers; What’s Brewin Replay

VENICE, CA – Among all the many things that have happened to Gen Padova lately—becoming a columnist for WHACK! Magazine, her What’s Brewin After Dark appearance, more StickPorn, celebrating 10 years of, she is now surrounded by litter of kittens (bids from approved households are now being accepted for the adoption process) because, obviously, she wasn’t busy enough.

Cute little kittens aside, this is your opportunity to play catch-up-with-Gen. While she runs out for more balls of yarn, you can enjoy her appearance on What’s Brewin After Dark, which has been archived at It’s an excellent opportunity to see what’s up with your favorite starlet. Gen called it “a vast discussion on general likes and dislikes, pet peeves, random questions, the fascination of poo to, and what do men really like to read and listen to? And hear the brains explode late at night over at Brewin’ After Dark when they asked Gen, ‘Why do you think the world isn’t as shallow as you once thought it was?’”

Last week she announced that she would begin writing for a column for WHACK! Magazine and the first one will debut July 6, of which all will be reminded of plenty. Lifetimers are loving their Forever Fapper Miles! So in honor of the success and to spread the fapping love, new Lifetime Members will receive a signed DVD Kick Ass Chicks: Gen Padova featuring all six Kick Ass scenes with a signed 8 x 10.

Her official site is Follow Gen on Facebook ( and Twitter (@gpadova), Visit to see her amazing one-dimensional creations.