Sienna Sinclaire on What’s Brewin After Dark Show Tuesday Night

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VENICE, CA – Set your computer to hotness and tune in Tuesday night, June 12, to hear Sienna Sinclaire as she livens things up on the What’s Brewin After Dark show. What’s to talk about? Just her upcoming book, Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles, series of e-books (the latest: Naughty Travel Girl: Los Angles Sexcapades), the only social network created and run by a star in the adult industry—and that’s just the tip of the steamy Sienna iceberg!

There’s also where she can hook you up with everything you need to spice up your sexy life and each month she likes to take advantage of the timely holidays and everyone knows Father’s Day is this Sunday. As Sienna says so eloquently on her site, “Don’t get your love the usual tie for Father’s Day, instead get him something that will rock his cock.” Or, maybe something that will tie it—or him—up!

It’s all part of her Month of Cocks, with this, Week 2, dedicated to supersizing your shaft with a pump. Next week it’s officially Rock Your Cock week, where she suggests items like pop rocks, the Tri-O Triple Pleasure Ring and the Tenga Flip Hole. You gotta try ’em to believe ’em. Or trust Sienna.

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