Sienna Sinclaire: The Art of Self-Love Means Self-Protection

Date Details: Get the Skinny When SS Dishes About Her Sexcapades

VENICE, CA – It’s probably not a coincidence that the Month of Love would also be National Condom Month. Sienna Sinclaire says that people can love themselves by protecting themselves, which puts a spin on things—a concept so crazy to some that it’s just gotta be right.

It all ties in nicely with Sienna’s new dating blog. Her recent post is about guys and condoms. It’s part of her weekly series where she posts uncensored and funny dating stories. No guy is safe when dating Sienna Sinclaire! Her naughty and hilarious LA sexcapades fill her blog and her erotic LA stories are on Amazon.

Since buying a condom can be overwhelming, especially when most guy’s don’t want to use them in the first place, look for Sienna’s Month of Love guide to find the right condom for you: from flavored (make a BJ delicious for your partner!), thin condoms for increased sensation and mint condoms for some tingle.

Go to and click on the banner for the Month of Love. Read Sienna’s blog at

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