Sienna Sinclaire Stories Now Available on Amazon

Superstar Has New Stories Available Daily; ‘A lot of Dirty Stories to Tell’

VENICE, CA – The opportunity to read about Sienna Sinclaire’s naughty sex romps is now easier than ever with several selections available on Amazon and new stuff streaming out from the amazing star at an amazing rate.

“I’m adding new stories daily,” Sienna said. “That’s been easy—I have a lot of dirty stories to tell.”

Whether you have naughty fetish or fantasy, Sienna Sinclaire offers something for everyone with her collection of erotic stories. You can either purchase an entire book of erotic stories, Fetish Erotica Series 1, or buy them individually for .99 cents starting with Naughty Fairy, Motel 8 and more to come. For this project she has teamed up with Nik Havert, writer and owner of Pickle Press.

Currently, Sienna is working on other book projects with her most recent one titled Naughty Travel Girl: International Sexcapades. She reveals all her sex romps from around the world in this collection of erotica starting with Barcelona:The Stripper and Madrid. More projects to be released soon include Naughty Travel Girl: LA Sexcapades, Naughty Travel Girl: USA Sexcapades and Naughty Travel Girl: Uncensored Sexcapades – A Hilarious Collection of Dating Stories. These collections are all written by Sienna Sinclaire.

This is far from Sienna’s first writing endeavor, having worked in publishing in England, finished her book The Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles last year, and written countless blogs and erotica over the years.

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