Sienna Sinclaire Celebrating the Month of Love

Follow Her Guide and You’ll Be Celebrating Valentine’s Day Every Day

VENICE, CA – If you think that the Month of Love is just another thing you have to buy a card for, you don’t understand love. And that’s where Sienna Sinclaire comes in.

Take a moment this Valentine’s Day to see how Sienna has broken it down into the simplest terms possible for you with a week by week guide that will help you conduct yourself properly during this important time.

For example, the first two weeks broke down this way: Week 1 was about loving yourself by purchasing sex toys, complete with a guide for each gender. The second week, that’s Valentine’s Week, Sienna advises that every day is celebrated by doing something naughty.

What about the rest of the month? Go to and click on the banner for the Month of Love. Both you and your lover will be glad you did.

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