Inari Vachs Hosting Halloween Spectacular

What Could Be Easier Than Dressing Up for a Stripper Costume Ball?

VENICE, CA – Some Halloween costumes can fit in the front pocket of a tight pair of Levi’s and when Inari Vachs hosts the Halloween Stripper Costume Ball you can bet she won’t need an extra suitcase for her get-up.

You have all week to get your sexiest, scariest or most interesting costume together for the two-night Halloween Stripper Costume Ball. With Inari Vachs and co-host Devon Michaels working the event, you’re going to want to wear something impressive because you know they are going to be knockouts who will stand out in the crowd.

In the meantime, Inari is maintaining duties as Paulie K’s co-host of the Paulie K Show podcast, available on iTunes and enjoyable anywhere. Fans are already clearing shelves around the country of her latest and greatest movie, 6 1/2 Weeks from Sweet Sinema, but don’t fret, if your store is out of stock more are on the way.

Elliott’s is located at 7805 N University St, Peoria, IL 6114. Cakl 309.689.0247 for more details. Inari will be performing two shows each night.

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