Sienna Sinclaire Wants You to Get Ready for Your Closeup

Naughty Tours Options Now Include the Photoshoot Package

VENICE, CA – There are millions of women who have fantasized about being the subject of a professional sexy photo shoot and with Sienna Sinclaire’s latest addition to her Naughty Tours, any girl can make that a reality.

She has her own studio as well as the connections and know-how: Sienna will provide the photographer, makeup and hair artist, props, backdrops and costumes. The ladies get to pick their type of photoshoot, from pinup girl, vintage hottie, sexy vixen, schoolgirl, holiday themes or whatever fantasy they can dream up.

There is also the option to include girlfriends or a lover to join in the shoot.

“Clearly this is a fantasy that women have had since the camera was invented,” Sienna said. “In recent years society has really embraced sensual photography and this is an opportunity to create great-looking memories that will last forever.”

Sienna has put together several other tour packages under the umbrella of her Naughty Tours of Los Angeles: The Erotic Package, Porn Package and Fetish Package. She is an expert not only of all things sex and sexiness, but there is no one who can offer a better introduction to the sexy side of L.A. than Sienna.

To find out more about her Naughty Tours, and to learn more about her upcoming book, The Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles, which will be available this winter, go to

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