Getting to Know Bethany St. James

For Those Who Can’t Get to the Ranch, Her Blog Is the Next Best Thing

VENICE, CA – If you missed your chance to get face to pretty face with Bethany St. James in Las Vegas and Los Angeles last week, you’ll have every opportunity to get closer to her in the upcoming weeks.

First, now that she’s back at Sheri’s Ranch she’ll be blogging daily, following up on such heated topics as teachers having sex, the shocking response from some within her new fanbase and some of her deepest personal feelings about a wide range of topics.

So reading her blog posts is certainly a great way to get to know her, but for people who are ready to get to know Bethany on a more personal level, she will be at Sheri’s Ranch until September 18. It’s an experience that will certainly never be forgotten.

In the meantime, she has had some phenomenally intimate new photos taken while she was in Los Angeles last week with highly regarded fashion photographer Alec Arias. A whole new, never before seen collection of photos of Bethany will be coming soon to her website.

“The new photos are gorgeous!” she said Tuesday morning. “I can’t wait to show them to the world! They are so amazingly different than any I’ve ever shot before.”

Fans can also check out the Dr. Susan Block show from Saturday night at

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