MansNightOut Scores With Sienna Sinclaire

Is the Hottest Interview in the Adult Business Today

VENICE, CA – To say that Sienna Sinclaire is one of the hottest interviews in the industry would be an understatement. Every week she lines them up and hits a home run every time.

Topics are the easy part—the model/director/webmistress/author/sex coach/burlesque dancer/social network creator has enough going on to talk all day and never repeat herself. But the kicker is that Sienna is articulate, interesting, thoughtful and funny. All of those come out in each interview and one of the interviews to feature Sienna this week is MansNightOutNews.

“What girl doesn’t like to be in a situation where people are interested in what you’re doing?” Sienna said. “Obviously sexy photos will usually get people’s attention, but there’s a lot more to what I do that that and I love sharing these things with people.”

To listen to the MansNightOutNews interview go to

To read the recent AdultFYI piece on Sienna go to Sienna Sinclaire Social can be found at For more information on renting Sienna’s studio go to

The SFW trailer for Sienna’s DVD Boudoir can be found on YouTube at For a look at the dirtier version visit her social network at

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