Inari Vachs Featured in September Issue of Club

Men’s Mag Welcomes Back the Comeback Star of the Year

VENICE, CA – Inari Vachs continues hopping down the comeback trail, taking time to smell the flowers and meet with the media as she enjoys her rise back to the top of the adult industry.

This month it’s Club magazine that takes a look at Inari, both with a sizzling layout and an interview by Eliza Starr. Oh, the things fans will learn this week! Here’s just one sample from the lengthy interview:

CLUB: As Queen of the Sloppy Blowjob, can you describe your technique for us in detail?
INARI: LOL … Well, I tell people that when I have something good in my mouth it waters! Fellatio is a special act and you really have to enjoy it to do it well. You have to really enjoy pleasing others, but as far as “technique” goes…there are many ways to please your partner and you’ve got to work that out between yourselves!

Now there are more questions, like, “What does it feel like to be turned into a comic book?” That’s one of the many questions she answered when she was at Comic Con promoting her new comic, which will be out early next year.

“It’s been a crazy month,” Inari said from set this week. “I haven’t been home in four weeks and it’s been nonstop that entire time. I’m starting to feel like a real-life cartoon character!”

In her spare moments, Inari can be found doing cam live shows on

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