Bethany St. James Live With Uncle Eddie Tuesday Morning

Featuring in Morgantown, WV, Thursday through Saturday Nights

VENICE, CA – Fans will have the opportunity to address Bethany St. James Tuesday morning when she goes on the Ham Radio Show at 10:30 am ET.

The show runs on “unfiltered radio,” broadcast over Uncle Eddie, Billy and Danny will test their staying power with sizzling Bethany as she gives them the ins and outs of being a legal prostitute, her upcoming XXX debut and most likely an earful about her condom advocacy.

Fans can call in at 908.854.4228 or submit questions on

Fans in West Virginia will be able to feast their eyes on her loveliness this weekend when she comes out for a three-night stint at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Morgantown. This follows her successful shows in Tucson last week. Word has it they were quite a spectacle.

“It’s so cool to go to the clubs and meet people who have been reading about me and listening to my interviews,” she said. “It’s like I have friends everywhere I go now! I’m so excited to have found out that Sapphire’s has put no restrictions on what I’m allowed to do on stage! So get ready for something crazy!”

Read Bethany’s Deep Inside Adult interview at

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club is located at 953 Blue Horizon Dr, Route 19, Morgantown, WV 26501. Visit for more information.

For more on Bethany St. James visit

St-James/100002250567085, follow her on Twitter at!/BethanyStJamesX and check out her Sheri’s Ranch page at Visit for everything Bethany.

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