Sienna Sinclaire: The Morning After Podcast

Also: GT XXXTREME Posts Four-Part Interview With the Superstarlet

VENICE, CA – The guys at GT XXXTREME quickly discovered that Sienna Sinclaire is much more than just another pretty face and their interview—which was so extensive it had to be released in four parts—talks about much more than how pretty she is.

Last week Sienna also sat down with the Los Angeles-based comedy podcast team at The Morning After, proving yet again that she’s beautiful, smart and funny.

All of things have worked in her favor as she’s built an empire with her multiple websites, DVDs, publishing, sex coaching, upcoming book and so much more.

“The GT XXXTREME interview is definitely one of the most comprehensive I’ve ever done,” Sienna said. “I think that interview and the Morning After Podcast go well together because together they show a well-rounded look into my life and career.”

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