Erin Marxxx Goes Live on KJAG

Also: XCritic Interview Digs Deep Inside the Mind of the Newbie Starlet

VENICE, CA – Erin Marxxx was a pleasant surprise Sunday afternoon when she Skyped in live to the KJAG radio show, giving viewers something to pretty to look at and listeners wishing they could pull up the video feed.

Over the weekend the fabulous starlet was also on the front page of XCritic, which ran an interview with Erin that asked all the right questions. It didn’t hurt having a photo of her with a cock in her mouth at the top of the page. Now that’s a headline.

“Erin Marxxx is actually a lovely and professional lady who knows what she wants and also takes other people’s feelings and work efforts into account,” Apache Warrior wrote in the interview’s introduction. “She is very comfortable in her skin and no one can label her as bigheaded. She is an ideal woman that production companies would want in their films.”

For those companies interested, Erin signed on with Ideal Image Management earlier in the month. She will also have a new handjob video on her site this week. Go to for more information.

To book Erin Marxxx contact Ideal Image Management. Call Mike or Corey at 818.886.4424 and they are on the web at

XCritic interview:
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