Erin Marxxx Site Comes Alive

Look for Plenty of Live Shows on the Dynamic New

VENICE, CA – Erin Marxxx has a brand new website and she wants all her friends to come check it out. Months in the making, this is a proud moment for the rising starlet.

“A lot of work went into making this site and I’m really hoping people come check it out,” she said. “I know I’ve been glued to it for days now!”

She plans on doing regular live shows on the site while offering plenty of original Erin content.

She also makes weekly appearances on the the Black & The Jew Comedy Hour, calling in every Wednesday for the show’s live taping. The show is available on iTunes as a podcast.

“They’re really funny and I have a great time listening to them and it’s great to go on,” she said. “It’s a hilarious show.”

The Black and the Jew Comedy Hour is found at Erin’s new site at

For more on Erin Marxxx visit

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