Jenna Haze Classics, Vol. 2: The FINALLY LEGAL Magazine Interview (2006)

LOS FELIZ, Calif.—Girls like Jenna Haze don’t come along every day. You can find them as cute or as fun or as sexy, but finding a girl with all these attributes is as rare as it is wonderful.

She’s a small girl, though not as small as frequently listed: “I thought I was five-foot-two for the longest time,” she giggles, “but it turns out I’m five-three.” Give or take that inch, she is still tiny, hovering around 90 pounds, which only makes her big, brown eyes seem all that much bigger and browner. She doesn’t let her stature get in her way, she does everything from fucking to partying in full-size portions.

She entered the business in the summer of 2001, two days after being discovered in an Anaheim club by director/performer Dez. Fame almost instantaneous for Jenna, thanks to some truly unforgettable performances. By springtime the following year she was a contract girl for Jill Kelly Productions. Suddenly porn’s dirty girl quit doing guys on camera altogether, forcing many porn fans to stick with old footage.

That all has changed … (for the full interview, click here)

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