Sienna Sinclaire will be on ‘Last Call’ This Friday

Fetish and Glam Model to Sex up CyberstationUSA

VENICE, CA – This Friday evening, beautiful glam and fetish model Sienna Sinclaire will appear on CyberstationUSA’s Last Call on the Sport Swammi show and it’s not just because she’s sexy.

Since the show is broadcast audio-only over the internet, she’ll be bringing her charm, intelligence, wit and friskiness to the world wide web. That shouldn’t be much of a stretch for the talented performer/model, who also works as a sex coach, burlesque performer, belly dancer, director, writer and columnist.

It worked like a charm on Playboy Radio earlier this month, so there’s no question this will be an excellent, interesting show.

While Sienna is best-known for her websites that feature her fetish and glamour work, she has recently started working for other companies, too.

“My websites have been doing great so I wanted to branch out and thus far it’s been a great experience,” she said. “There are a lot of people with some really neat ideas.”

She will appear on the CyberStationUSA radio show Last Call Friday night between 7 and 7:30 pm PT. Go to for more information.

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