David Lord

Acclaimed Director Shooting Adam & Eve Parody Next

RESEDA, CA – Back in February acclaimed director David Lord announced his intentions to make several parodies for both Adam&Eve and his own company, Rebel Studios. So far he’s completed an extraordinary take on ‘The A Team’ that rivals Stephen J. Cannell’s original vision, just in time for summer movie release from 20th Century Fox.

With the final touches being put on the epic 80’s parody David Lord is ready to go into production on his next homage, this time to the long running television sitcom ‘Home Improvement’ – a childhood favorite of the auteur.

“I’ve always loved the show,” explains Lord. “Tim Allen has impeccable comic timing. I’ve tried to capture the essence of the show and really bring fans the best of what they fell in love with, just like I would want to see.”

The script was written by DCypher, who also helped Lord create scripts for the A Team parody and the Tiger Woods parody he did late last year. It features Adam & Eve contract star Alexis Ford as the beloved Tool Helper Girl, a coveted role. The rest of the roles, including Tim, Al, Jill, and wise neighbor Wilson, are waiting to be filled by just the right performers. That’s why David Lord has decided to hold an open casting call.

“We had a really nice turn out with the A Team casting and it definitely helped me flesh out the characters,” offers Lord.

“It’s a great way to meet new talent and see performers who I have shot over the years showcase their acting abilities. I remember last time we did this I was shocked that guys who I thought of as gonzo performers came through with genuine acting chops. You just never know.”

The open casting call is set for June 3rd at 18215 Lassen Street, Northridge, CA from 11 am – 3 pm.

Talent interested in auditioning for roles in any of the above titles should contact David Lord at davidlordxxx@hotmail.com or http://twitter.com/rebelstudiosxxx.