Tatum Pierce Outed as Dirty Celeb The Grinch

Tatum Pierce Outed as Dirty Celeb 'The Grinch'

Porn Princess’s Alter Ego ‘The Grinch’ Confirmed

VENICE, CA – It may be the meanest web site on the entire internet. What started out as a little more than a joke by “the original reality blogger” Nik Richie overnight became one of the fastest growing obsessions online, a guilty pleasure for Newport and Scottsdale locals that quickly became a national phenomenon. Fans of the site, also known as ‘the Dirty Army’ would send in pictures of rivals and the socially inept, then put them on blast by dishing dirt on their personal lives and spreading rumors both real and imagined. Other visitors would then chime in with zingers of their own. Clearly not for the thin skinned, the site’s mean spirited humor resonated with a growing number of online viewers. Regulars on the site became known as ‘Dirty Celebrities’ known by the terrible nicknames Nik or other contributors gave them.

While most of the girls taunted on the site would rather die than have their real identities exposed, some wear it as a badge of pride. Porn’s newest princess Tatum Pierce is one of them. When she was outed this week on the site she decided to embrace it instead of digging a hole in the sand to hide her head or denying it.

“My first time on ‘The Dirty’ was about two and a half years ago,” Tatum recalls. “The first picture was of me and my three girl friends who later went on to be the dirty celebrities ‘Krusty’ and ‘Canary.’ At first they just called me a “SHIM” then around May of 08 they gave me the dirty celeb title as ‘The Grinch.’

According to Tatum she never really took much of what people said about her seriously.

“I knew the things people said were mean but I just didn’t take it to much to heart,” Tatum offers. “I mean why should I care what people I don’t even know have to say about me?”

That made it easier, explains Tatum, to laugh it off when she finally did meet Nik Richie in person.

“I met Nik Richie back in the summer of 2008 when his identity was still a big secret in Las Vegas at a Dirty Celeb Party at Prive,” she recalls. “It was funny cause when I was introduced I thought he would be cruel or disrespectful but he’s actually a super nice guy.”

Since then the two have gotten along well according to Tatum.

“I have hung out with him a few times when he passes thru OC and he has always been a sweetheart,” says Tatum.

According to Tatum it came as a shock being outed for her choice of becoming a porn star on ‘The Dirty’ simply because it happened so fast.

“When I recently got into the industry “The Dirty” knew before I could even tell my friends,” Tatum explains.  “I remember getting a text to look at the dirty and when I did my jaw dropped to the floor! The headline was “GRINCH GONE PORN”! I hadn’t told one person yet and they found my pics that I had sent into LA Direct Models for consideration and immediately posted them.

In the end Tatum is happy for the exposure being outed on ‘The Dirty’ has given her.

“It sucked but it was a lot less phone calls I had to make to tell friends,” Tatum concedes. “Any publicity is good publicity plus that month i made LA Direct Models top 10 most searched girls on their site. I remember thinking ‘wow, thanks Dirty.’ I guess even though they hate on me they still love to search and look and find dirt on me.

Now more than ever Tatum wears his status as a ‘Dirty Celebrity’ with pride.

“I take it all with a grain of salt and brush it off,” Tatum admits. “I enjoy being called a “Dirty Celebrity.’ I’m even considering making a spoof movie out of the whole thing. Why not make fun of them making fun of me, right?”

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