Alanah Rae

Alanah Rae

Big-Breasted Babe to Ready for ‘Crazy’ Crowds

VENICE, CA – If it seemed like Alanah Rae had a lot of luggage when she hit LAX yesterday, that’s not just because she couldn’t decide what to wear this weekend—she had to bring her costumes for her dancing debut at the legendary Al’s Diamond Cabaret in Reading, PA.

“I’m no stranger to dancing or traveling, but it is always exciting to go to a new place,” Alanah said from the airport. “I’ve heard a lot about Al’s and I’m excited to be dancing on that stage. They say the crowds are crazy out there!”

It’s true, Al’s is a top-notch stop on any feature dancer’s tour and host to all the top acts, which Alanah is quickly becoming. At five-feet and seven-inches and boasting incredible 34D’s, the 21-year-old is more than easy on the eyes.

She will be performing Thursday through Saturday, June 25-27, with the following schedule:

Thu: 10 and 12
Fri: 9, 11 and 1
Sat: 9, 11 and 1

“I admit I’m a tad bit nervous going to a new club and a new town,” she admits, “but I’m betting that will only make the shows that much more exciting!”

Alanah Rae will be appearing June 18-20 at Al’s Diamond Cabaret. The club is located at 1810 N. 5th St, Reading, PA 19604. For more information visit or call 610.373.5277.

Fans can see more of Alanah Rae at her official MySpace page:

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